SMYD2 Chemiluminescent Assay Kit

Description: The SMYD2 Chemiluminescent Assay Kit is designed to measure SMYD2 activity for screening and profiling applications. The key to the SMYD2 Chemiluminescent Assay Kit is a highly specific antibody that recognizes a methylated residue of Histone H3. With t
Synonym(s): KMT3C
Supplied As: The SMYD2 Chemiluminescent Assay Kit comes in a convenient format, with a 96-well plate precoated with histone H3 substrate, antibody against methylated lysine residue of Histone H3, a secondary HRP-labeled antibody, Sadenosylmethionine, methyltransferase
Contraindications: DMSO >1%, strong acids or bases, ionic detergents, high salt
Instructions for use: See product datasheet for detailed assay protocol.
Storage / Stability: One year from date of receipt when stored as directed.
Application(s): Great for studying enzyme kinetics and HTS applications.
Reference(s): Brown MA, et al. Mol. Cancer 2006; 5:26.
Notes: MATERIALS REQUIRED BUT NOT SUPPLIED: TBST buffer (1x Tris-buffered saline (TBS), pH 8.0, containing 0.05% Tween-20) Luminometer or fluorescent microplate reader capable of reading chemiluminescence Adjustable micropipettor and sterile tips Rotating or rocker platform
Warning(s): Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Scientific Category: SMYD2 Chemiluminescent Assay Kit
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