Our well-characterized primary pig retinal pigment epithelial cells (PP-RPE) were isolated and purified from pig retina. The PP-RPE confluent cultures maintain characteristic polygonal morphology and polarization. They express specific RPE molecular markers (such as RPE65, PEDF, CRALBP, BEST1, OTX2, MITF, CST3, CFH and TIMP3, etc.).


PPRPE growth medium (Catalog#: w1-10002)


Upon receiving,  immediately transfer the cells to liquid nitrogen until they are needed for experiments. Thaw frozen cells in a 37 °C water bath.


Useful for drug screening, drug delivery, cytotoxicity in developing therapeutics for dry AMD, wet AMD and other retinal diseases and also ideal for basic research in RPE biology. This is the only commercially available mammalian RPE cell type that retains in vivo properties comparing with other human / non-human RPE cell lines.

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